Southwest Airlines Mechanics Approve Collective Bargaining Agreement

Southwest Airlines, located in Dallas, ratified a new mechanics and related personnel collective bargaining agreement on Thursday. 

Southwest and its mechanics union signed a tentative agreement over a month ago. The Aircraft Mechanics

Fraternal Association (AMFA) say its members overwhelmingly approved the arrangement.

Southwest claims this is the eighth contract ratified by the airline and its union partners since October. The AMFA announced that the contract extension provides 20%

Oestreich further noted that the agreement showed that the union and airline have resumed mutually beneficial cooperation.

"We're proud we negotiated an agreement that shows our members their appreciation and respect," said AMFA's national president.

Almost 2,870 Southwest mechanics and allied employees—aircraft maintenance technicians, inspectors, controllers, training instructors

AMFA says the agreement raises airplane maintenance technicians' salary to $65.79 for their hard work.

AMFA said the salary hike puts earnings above those of other non-union and union-represented airlines including the main three. 

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