Southwest Airlines Releases Schedule Through March 2024

Southwest Airlines extended its flying schedule to March 2024 today. In January, the carrier will start a new seasonal route and resume several others.

Southwest Airlines has been quiet since its Christmas-New Year breakdown. The airline made two positive network announcements

today, which must be refreshing. Southwest extends their flight schedule every few months, and today it did until March 6, 2024.

Southwest will begin seasonal service between Omaha and Fort Lauderdale on January 13. One weekly route is planned.

Southwest will resume Phoenix, Louisville, and Albany routes to Fort Lauderdale in addition to the new service.

Southwest is restarting seasonal trips for wintertime sunseekers. Since Florida is a major tourist destination year-round, most seasonal services

Southwest's 52nd anniversary was recently. Despite recent holiday troubles, the airline has become one of the most loved in the US over 52 years. 

The low-cost carrier is the third-largest US domestic carrier by flights. Southwest has the most seats. Dallas-based airline is one of the few all-Boeing 737 operators.

Southwest's busiest airport this month was Denver International Airport, unlike Chicago Midway in June 2019. Southwest has grown 26%

Southwest earned 30% market share in Denver this month but was not the top airline. United Airlines just announced it has surpassed Southwest as Denver's most-flown airline.

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