Southwest Airlines Unveils Updated Net-Zero Plan By 2050

Southwest highlighted their sustainability plan changes to attain net-zero carbon emissions. Updated plans include a three-pillar strategy for holistic sustainability 

Carbon: To reduce fuel and operational carbon emissions. This includes sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and ground support equipment electrification.

Recycling, sourcing, and upcycling are all part of circulation.Collaboration: The airline will work with carbon-reduction organizations.

Southwest's sustainability goals include net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and 50% carbon emission intensity reduction by 2035. The

company plans to replace 10% of its fuel with SAF by 2030 and cut its Dallas headquarters' energy use index by 50% by 2035. Updated airline aims include:

50% electrification of qualified ground-handling vehicles by 2030.Cutting fuel use by 50 million gallons by 2025 and 1.1 billion by 2035.

Southwest has worked with various sustainability stakeholders and taken several measures this year to implement its plan.

The Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project and X-66 research aircraft development were advised by it in July with Boeing, NASA, and other US carriers.

The following month, it teamed with General Electric (GE) Research to assist a Department of Energy-funded grant to build a system that could anticipate

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