Southwest Airlines Wants More Domestic Flights At Washington

Southwest Airlines is the newest airline to sponsor new domestic routes at Reagan Washington National Airport. Southwest proposes seven daily roundtrips

Recently, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport flying capacity has been hotly discussed. DCA has had a federal “perimeter” limitation

banning aircraft exceeding 1,250 miles since 1960. Congressional members and some airlines want more flights from the Washington, D.C., airport.

Southwest Airlines has joined the fight for seven daily roundtrip DCA flights. Delta Air Lines supports the flight

expansion, while American, Alaska, and United Airlines firmly oppose it. DCA would get its first flights in over a decade if allowed.

The original idea was to add 28 flights, but both sides have subsequently settled on seven. Representative Burgess Owens said,

Other from DCA, the Washington D.C. metro area has two large airports: Dulles International Airport and Baltimore/Washington

International Thurgood Marshall Airport, according to opponents. The other two airports are connected to the US and beyond but not as

conveniently positioned as DCA, four miles from Capitol Hill. DCA is the easiest domestic airport to travel into and out of.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), which runs DCA, opposes additional flights because it could threaten safety and delay operations. 

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