Southwest Launches Flights To Hawaii From $49 Each Way

It took Southwest Airlines a very long time to start offering flights to Hawaii. The time we have been waiting for has finally come. After a

series of setbacks, Southwest has finally made it possible for customers to purchase tickets on their website for travel beginning on March 18th.

At first, the Southwest Hawaii service will consist of a once-daily flight between Oakland (OAK) and Honolulu (HNL). The base price for each direction is an outrageous $49.

Shortly after the original launch, Southwest will also begin offering flights from Oakland to Maui beginning on April 7 for a starting price of

$49 USD. This spring, on May 5th, passengers will also be able to book flights departing from San Jose (SJC).

Since Southwest had only gained approval from the FAA the week before to begin flying to Hawaii, we anticipated that ticket sales would

begin very soon. However, the fact that tickets were made available all of a sudden comes as a bit of a surprise.

You should be aware that Southwest does not work with OTAs (online travel agencies), therefore you will need to book your flight straight through Southwest's website.

The fact that flights to Hawaii can be purchased for as little as $49 is an exceptional value. It is important to keep in mind that Southwest is the

only airline that still offers free checked bags even for their most affordable tickets (and they even allow two free checked bags).

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