Southwest Senior Fares Are Ending, Book Before December 11

The summary is here. Southwest offers discounted Anytime rates for seniors 65+. Southwest Senior Fares are usually the best refundable

fares. The Wanna Get Away fare may be lower if available. However, a Senior Fare is a smart choice if refunds are important.

Online Southwest Airlines Senior Fare reservations are now available for domestic and international flights. A Southwest Airlines Customer Representative or local travel agent can also book.

Southwest Senior Fares apply solely to 65-year-old travelers. Kids must pay full fare, even if traveling with a senior.

Senior Fare passengers can check in and get their boarding card at, like regular Southwest tickets. In various airport

locations, you can check in at the Skycap podium, ticket counter, departure gate, or self-service kiosk. or self-service kiosks can issue boarding passes to Senior Fare passengers who are age verified (more on this below).

When exchanging your confirmation number for a boarding pass at the airport, Senior Fare passengers who are not age verified must provide a

driver's license or other acceptable identification. After Southwest approves, you can utilize mobile boarding passes.

Remember this is the same ID needed to check a bag or pass security. You must stop at airport check-in even if you're not checking a luggage to be verified.

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