Southwest’s New Normal: Life Without The 737 MAX

You've probably noticed that Southwest Airlines' costs have risen in recent months,

whether you fly sometimes or regularly. Increased greatly! Flights are more expensive than in years.

My family and friends ask me why this is happening virtually daily since I'm the Southwest Airlines expert. The 737MAX grounding may have

caused the price spike, according to my pals. I found this article explaining how the 737 MAX grounding influences costs.

Wade Goodwyn's National Public Radio report examines the Southwest Airlines Network Operations Center in Dallas and how the team punted without the Air Max.

Southwest is the largest U.S. domestic carrier with 4,000 daily flights. Southwest is the most affected carrier, according to Goodwyn, because they only fly 737s. 

Southwest's point-to-point itineraries set it apart from other U.S. carriers, and the 35 MAXes out of action means 35,000 potential passengers won't fly 

Southwest's cost and Southwest fliers' expense are terrible. Anecdotally, prices rise. My cousin found cheaper Delta and United

flights from his Southwest hub. He's never seen this. Federal regulators don't know when the 737MAX will fly again.

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