Starbucks Gets a Stern Warning From Senators About These "Illegal Tactics"

Starbucks appears to be a terrific workplace. The chain offers baristas, managers, and other employees stock options, PTO, and, recently, student debt aid.

The past year has shown that the Seattle-based corporation opposes employee unionization. Starbucks has been warned by four U.S.

On October 4, Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and Richard Blumenthal and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders wrote to

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz that the coffee chain was trying "to intimidate its employees and dissuade them from organizing and joining unions."

The senators want the firm to divulge its anti-union spending. This "detailed report of expenditures" should contain legal fees (retainers,

court-ordered payments), consultant payments, and material manufacturing costs. To be thorough, the senators inquired if the chain's annual taxes

The letter also requests "what guidance, written or otherwise" Starbucks management has received on handling "workers organizing

or joining a union, voting in a representation election, interacting with unionized workers or union representatives, and participating in lawful, union-authorized job actions."

Finally, the petition requests a list of all instances last year in which "Starbucks introduced new benefits or altered benefits for non-unionized stores

Starbucks is accused by four senators of "weaponizing" benefits to thwart unionization. Remember Starbucks' student loan tools from earlier in this article?

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