The #1 Most Popular Cocktail in America Right Now

Whisky sours are simple drinks made with any whiskey and sour mix. Decorating this cocktail with cranberries makes it festive.

This bitter-sweet Aperol, prosecco, and club soda drink is perfect for the holidays. The light red color pairs well with hors d'oeuvres and white conversation

The Mai Tai conjures up images of Hawaii, which many of us wish we could do this time of year. However, this cocktail has unusual ingredients 

That Long Island Iced Tea has a terrible image as a college drink is justified. This powerful cocktail has four spirits and flavoring. Avoid this one.

Negronis are bitter cocktails like Aperol Spritz. The cocktail contains gin, red vermouth, Campari, and orange peel. Enjoy this festive cocktail

Britain's #1 cocktail is this oddly named one. With vodka, vanilla syrup, lime juice, passion fruit, prosecco, and passoa—a passionfruit-flavored liqueur. 

The Cosmo, which became popular following Sex and the City, is a joyful holiday drink. Again, restrict yourself to one because this is a lot of booze in a nice box. 

Was there any doubt that this easy-to-make drink and brunch staple would be included? Champagne and orange juice are perfect. 

The Mojito was barely below the most popular cocktail. This mint-muddled drink with rum and club soda is what bartenders hate to make. 

The classic Margarita is your holiday cocktail of choice. The nation craves this classic mix of tequila, sour mix, orange liqueur, and lime juice—with or without salt

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