The 5 Best Anti-Aging Smoothies You Can Drink

Smoothies are a delightful way to get nutrients that can benefit you in many ways. Adding the correct components to a nice smoothie may help slow aging.

"Smoothies are a great option for those who want a nutrient-dense meal or snack that helps them feel and look younger," says Uplift Food

founder Kara Landau, a certified dietitian. "They also offer a great vehicle to incorporate a range of diverse antioxidant-packed, gut-

Shena Jaramillo, MS, RD, adds "smoothies are a good way to get in vitamin E, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids, which all carry anti-

inflammatory properties which can help you feel better and reduce the impacts of aging." Free-radical-scavenging fruits

Want to start the day healthy? Landau offers a gut-healthy prebiotic fiber green smoothie for 

breakfast that "is packed with antioxidants, fiber, and prebiotics to nourish your body from the inside out."

Later on, Landau says that you may want try a "mouth-watering antioxidant, prebiotic, and probiotic-packed dark chocolate and almond

butter smoothie … not just because it tastes decadent and feels like an indulgence, but also because of the nutrient-packed benefits of all the prebiotics

Jaramillo recommends a vegan tropical smoothie with almond milk, tofu, frozen banana, strawberry, mango, and hemp seeds for bodily improvement.

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