The Great 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Debate

Movie marathons of the best Disney Halloween films are perfect for fall nights. Classics like Casper are our Halloween film picks.

The kid-friendly ghost movie shows that spooky doesn't necessarily scary. A Charlie Brown Christmas may be another animated movie you

binge as temps drop and Christmas season begins. But what about The Nightmare Before Christmas, which has a more hazy timeline?

Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, is lonely and chooses to change things up after accidently discovering Christmas

Town after years of scaring people on October 31. Jack wants to kidnap Santa and make Christmas his scariest holiday, but things don't go his way.

Here are some reasons it may be a Christmas movie. Team Christmas says the movie has seasonal spirit throughout. Even though the

Halloween figures don't know Christmas, they're definitely moved by it. For those counting, Team Christmas has 1 point.

Timeline is another reason The Nightmare Before Christmas is Christmas. The majority of the movie takes place between Halloween

and Christmas (November?), but die-hard fans say the finale is on Christmas Eve. Thus, the film is best seen during the holidays.

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