The United States’ Largest Domestic Carrier By Seats

Southwest operates or parks 816 Boeing 737-700s, 737-800s, and MAX 8s 50 years after its first revenue-generating trip. Southwest surpassed American, the world's largest airline,

as the leading US domestic carrier by seats for sale in 2020 because to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it lost the title in 2021/2022, it leads by seats again this year.

OAG schedules for September 2023 reveal Southwest has 18.7 million domestic seats for sale, or 630,000 each day if treated equally. 

Everyone understands that the LCC deploys 99% of its capacity in intra-US service, the world's largest market.

Southwest owns 22% of the 84.9 million domestic seats in September. Alaska Airlines (5%), American (21%), Delta (19%), and United (16%)

follow. Again, Southwest ranks third in flights/ASMs/ASKs and higher in seats due to its all-737 fleet and no regional jets.

Southwest's intra-US network has 107 airports this month, led by Denver. SW has a third of the capacity of all Colorado city domestic operators.

The carrier's airport portfolio is unchanged from last year but up 19 from 2019. OAG added or reintroduced 20 domestic airports between

September 2023 and 2019. I'm not interested in overseas destinations in this post. One airport—Newark—is no longer served. Southwest cut the airport in November 2019 

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