These Popular Drinks May Increase Cancer Risk

Unless you're especially seeking for organic or all-natural options, you'll probably grab a drink with unrecognizable ingredients if you're on the move. 

The study, published in late March in PLOS Medicine, evaluated nutrition and health questionnaire data from over 100,000 French

adults. Over a median eight years, they compared how artificial sweetener usage affected cancer risk for various types and overall cancer.

"To our knowledge, no previous cohort study had directly investigated the associations between quantitative artificial sweetener intakes per

se — distinguishing the different types — and cancer risk," say study authors Charlotte Debras and Dr. Mathilde Touvier of the Nutritional

Epidemiology Research Team (EREN) at Inserm at Sorbonne Paris Nord University. "In this large population-based study…artificial sweeteners

(especially aspartame and acesulfame-K), which are used in many food and beverage brands worldwide, were associated with increased cancer risk."

Aspartame has also been related to high blood sugar, inflammation, and insulin insensitivity. Acesulfame-K has been linked to cancer and

glucose intolerance. Aspartame is present in gum, cereal, beverages, and more, while acesulfame-K is in frozen desserts, candies, drinks, and baked goods, according to the FDA.

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