Things You'll See in Every Grocery Store This Year 2024

Supply chain issues led price hikes, shipment delays, and shortages in 2021 grocery shopping. While this was happening, more people shopped online 

Walking into your local grocery store, getting a cart, and picking out your shopping list may be different 365 days from now. 

In 2020, Amazon introduced the first grocery shop smart cart. The rapidly expanding Amazon Fresh chain offers the Dash Cart, which monitors all your things

Other supermarket chains are adopting this innovative technology. Business Insider reports that Albertsons and Kroger are testing smart carts with Vevve

The past year was rough on food retailers and workers. Due to COVID-19 shutdowns, shoppers not wearing masks, and other big safety

"As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure the health and safety of both its customers and employees, Hy-Vee is introducing its new Hy-Vee retail security

Since the pandemic began, eggs, meat, and milk have cost more. Current supply chain challenges, climatic irregularities, and labor

Whole Foods released its 2022 food trends projection in October. The prominent grocery company expected a growth in reducetarianism, or "reducing consumption of meat, 

Healthy fats, plant components, fiber, vitamins, and minerals are abundant. Plant protein is present "Young explains.

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