This Beloved Snack Brand Just Launched a Caffeine-Filled Donut

Nothing pairs better than donuts and coffee, and one company is mixing the two. 

Hostess' new Boost Jumbo Donettes include 50 to 70 mg of caffeine per donut.

Less than 80–100 mg per eight-ounce cup of coffee. The business will supply caffeine-packed snacks to convenience stores this month.

The business says the donuts are gently glazed and caffeine-infused. Chocolate 

mochas and caramel macchiatos blend chocolate with espresso coffee. 

In recent years, consumers have consumed more caffeine from non-coffee meals.

Over the past decade, firms have sold caffeine-infused granola bars, maple syrup, and beef jerky to meet demand. 

Hostess Brands general manager Christopher Balach said in a news release that the new Hostess

Boost Jumbo Donettes are a delectable, energy-boosting, grab-and-go way to start the day for adults seeking alternative coffee sources.

Both Boost Jumbo Donettes will cost $2.49 in 2.5-ounce single-serve packages.

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