This Coffee Habit Can Increase Lifespan Up To 30%, 

If you drink coffee in the morning or like it, you know that every cup is different.

Any sweetener can modify the flavor, along with the coffee beans and creamer. You may not want to base your coffee drinking habits on flavor anymore.

A new study discovered that unsweetened coffee or coffee with a little sugar may help you live longer.

Researchers from Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China examined data from over 171,000 U.K. Biobank survey health behavior questionnaire 

Research found that after seven years, those who drank unsweetened coffee had a 16-20% lower risk of dying than those who didn't.

Those figures jumped to 29-31% for coffee drinkers who added roughly one tablespoon of sugar.

In regards to the findings, UCLA medical center senior dietitian Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, MPH, RD, and UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

assistant professor tells Eat This, Not That! The findings were "interesting," but "not overly surprising, as there is a lot of data to support coffee as a healthy

"​Black coffee is the healthiest because it contains all the healthy polyphenols and antioxidants of the coffee without any of the inflammatory compounds 

As for coffee with sugar in it, Hunnes says a "basically has the same effect, because 1 teaspoon of sugar is very little in the whole scheme of a well-balanced diet

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