This Ice Cream Is Being Recalled From Grocery Stores

No matter your age, ice cream may be the most delightful indulgence. It's a treat for a good job, a cool drink on a hot day, and a comfort. It

may potentially be harmful right now. Risky ice cream has prompted a new recall. What ice cream is being recalled and why

The Manchester, Connecticut-based Royal Ice Cream Company is recalling batches of vanilla, ginger, and mocha chip Batch Ice Cream. 

These ice creams may contain Listeria monocytogenes and must be recalled. Listeria ingestion may cause short-term symptoms like high fever

The brand recalled after FDA sampling found Listeria monocytogenes on production equipment. The FDA and firm are investigating the contamination problem

Fortunately, no infections have been recorded from eating the poisoned ice cream. Listeria is a severe threat: A recall of packed salads

Massachusetts Market Baskets, Big Y shops in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and Roach Brothers Markets received the impacted ice cream.

Batch Ice Cream is packaged in paper 16-ounce pints with the brand and flavors on the front. On the bottom of the cup, the recalled

Avoid eating recalled ice cream. Instead, return your Batch Ice Cream 16-ounce vanilla, ginger, or mocha chip pints with the affected dates to the retailer for a full refund. 

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