This Iconic Symbol of Starbucks Could Soon Be Phased Out

One of America's major coffee chain's most recognized icons may soon disappear. Starbucks announced

plans to make its paper and plastic cups less appealing to customers before its 30th Annual Shareholder Meeting.

As part of its sustainability ambitions, the corporation wants to reduce its disposable cup waste. Starbucks won't

eliminate the cups, but it will make it easier for consumers to use their own or borrow a ceramic or reusable to-go mug from their local store.

At every Starbucks shop in the U.S. and Canada by the end of next year, customers can use their own reusable cups when ordering ahead or at the drive-thru.

The business is also trying Borrow a Cup in a few Seattle locations and other nations. Customers can borrow a Venti-sized plastic cup for a $1

through the program. The customer's Starbucks Rewards account receives the $1 deposit and 10 Starbucks Bonus Stars after returning the cup.

"Customers were just so excited to try something new and my partners had a lot of pride in testing it and giving that feedback to make the

program even better," Kim Davis, store manager. "I do think that everyone really does want to contribute to a better world


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