This Is How the Keto Diet Affects Aging, Science Says

While the keto diet may help you lose weight, there may be another reason to try it. Medical News Today recently 

examined numerous diets and their anti-aging effects and concluded that the keto diet may maintain your health for longer.

Medical News Today observed that two 2017 research "reported that a low carbohydrate,

low protein ketogenic diet increased the average lifespan of mice and improved the animals' health in old age."

One study in Cell Metabolism demonstrated that a ketogenic diet, fed every other week from middle age, decreases midlife mortality and 

retains memory in aged mice. The second Cell Metabolism study concluded that the keto diet "extends longevity," "[m]otor function, memory,

That's excellent for mice, but what about us? The researchers say "that the animal findings are 'highly suggestive' that ketones could have anti-aging properties,

A 2020 study performed by Stony Brook University professor Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi, PhD, supported the concept that a low-carb diet may

avoid aging-related brain disorders. "The good news is that we may be able to prevent or reverse these effects with diet, mitigating the impact of encroaching 

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