This Major Chain Is Giving Away Free Pizza 

Pizza symbolizes Super Bowl Sunday. Football enthusiasts purchased 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl LV last year—one for every seven watchers. 

The Super Bowl will feature pizza even more this year owing to Papa John's giveaway. The popular company is launching a two-week pizza

sweepstakes with former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. The top prize? Free Papa John's pizza for a year (through Super Bowl LVII).

Entry to the pizza giveaway is easy. Fans simply tweet about their pizza-eating method on Twitter or Instagram using #whatsyourstyle

#sweepstakes. Papa John's asks: do you like your pizza folded in half? Crust-first? With fork and knife on a plate? Zero false responses!

The sweepstake launched this week, and Eat This, Not That! spoke to Sanchez and Papa John's about the cooperation and pizza giveaway. 

He'll likely get a NY Style pie for Super Bowl Sunday next week. "I think this year I'm just going straight up Papa John's pizza," he remarked of game-day catering.

Sanchez's preference is shared. Papa John's found that over half of four thousand respondents preferred NY Style's thin crust to any other regional pizza. 

Sanchez likes a typical pizza fold and doesn't eat the dough first. The survey found that 16% of respondents eat pizza back-to-front.

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