This New McDonald's Burger May Not Get a National Rollout 

Many fast-food lovers watch the chicken sandwich battles, but others follow the plant-based burger wars. White Castle introduced Impossible

Sliders in April 2018, the first fast-food chain to do so. December saw Carl's Jr.'s Beyond Famous Star Burger join the celebration. 

Del Taco, KFC, Chipotle, and Dunkin' have also tried plant-based options. McDonald's plant-based offerings seem to be behind. 

If recent test results are any indication, the world's largest fast-food company may have delayed a plant-based option because it thought it wouldn't sell. 

McDonald's introduced the Beyond Meat McPlant in 2020. Early tests showed the plant-based burger sold 70 per day in eight locations

three times what market analysts projected. Recently extended McPlant tests by the business have yielded disappointing results.

According to BTIG analysts Peter Saleh and Ben Parente, the McPlant isn't selling as well as franchisees expected in California and Texas. 

Local tastes may also contribute to the lackluster reception. The McPlant sells 20 burgers a day in Dallas and San Francisco but just 3-5 in rural locations,

McDonald's wanted 40 to 60 burgers per day, but 20 is significantly fewer. The McPlant is produced to order, which Saleh says may hinder operations

You may assume, "maybe the reason the McPlant is selling poorly is that it just doesn't taste good," but U.K. Mickey D's fans disagree. 

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