This Pizza Chain Continues to Lose Locations

One prominent pizza buffet is losing sites despite a buffet revival. The parent company of Pizza Inn and 

Pie Five published second-quarter 2021 profits, showing that the buffet chain is shrinking even as revenues rise.

Pizza Inn had 155 Southeast sites before the pandemic, but it closed outlets in 2020 due to a dramatic

decline in on-premise sales. The chain reported 128 outlets on December 26, down from 133 in September.

Its subsidiary brand Pie Five, which customizes customized pizzas quickly, has done little better in footprint. QSR Magazine reports a 66%

decline in restaurants since its 2017 peak of 100. The chain had 50 eateries before the outbreak, but 34 last quarter. Rave says "the

stabilization of Pie Five units will continue in the near term" and that brand growth would be "modest in future periods."

Sales were slower for the modern brand than the buffet chain. The launch of a new House Pan Pizza 

"Our franchisees and team members have remained committed to our business and customers resulting in our seventh consecutive quarter of profitability

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