US Airlines Added Over 2,500 Jobs In March 2024

US scheduled passenger and cargo airlines added over 2,500 jobs in March 2023, keeping the employment rate 8.2% higher than pre-pandemic March 2019.

The US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported 2,544 airline jobs added in March, bringing the total to 793,779.

This is 0.32% higher than February 2023's 791,235 workers. It also represents a significant increase from March 2019, when US-based carriers employed 733,884

Over 20 major US carriers fly 16 million trips annually. IATA reported that global passenger traffic in March 2023 was 88% of pre-pandemic levels.

Flying has improved since the pandemic, with carriers adding flights, routes, and planes. Thus, additional jobs have

US-based cargo, charter, and passenger airlines with at least one aircraft with over 60 seats or the capacity to

transport more than 18,000 pounds of cargo, passengers, and fuel must report monthly employment data.

Employment data must include those who worked or were paid for at least 15 days of the month. The number of part-time workers is divided by two and added to the number

The US airline business employed 682,977 full-time and 110,802 part-time workers throughout the period. The total is 738,378 FTEs

American passenger airlines employed 512,927 people in March 2023, 65% of the industry. Passenger airlines hired 4,477 people, the twenty

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