Walmart and Amazon May Face More Food Delays Because of This

Industry analysts say an increase of COVID-19 instances in one Chinese city is generating new lockdowns, which might delay deliveries for Amazon and Walmart.

Bloomberg News reports a lockdown in Shenzhen, a major shipping city with 17.5 million residents. All non-essential businesses and public

transportation closed. Some factories that require testing and have staff work in "bubbles" can stay open, although Amazon and Walmart may use them.

Amazon has moved freight to other warehouses to avoid delays, according to Reuters. A company spokesperson said they did not

expect a major disruption in business because they could send shipments elsewhere, but a Shenzhen

local e-commerce association that works with Amazon and other companies said there may be short-term impacts and late deliveries.

Despite the pandemic and supply chain challenges starting two years ago, these issues persist. Cheap grocery chain ALDI informs customers

of shipment delays: "We are working 24/7 to fix it. We apologize for any frustrations. Due to delays, ALDI Finds may not be available in stores on the announced sale date.

Recently, Costco CFO Richard Galanti said "virtually all departments are impacted [by] less product and packaging challenges."

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