Walmart and Other Stores Are Placing a Purchase Limit

Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid are limiting sales of a controversial item to ration inventories. America's largest grocery chain has low supply.

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, terminating the constitutional right to abortion. This landmark judgment raises

concerns about women's reproductive healthcare access, driving growing demand for over-the-counter emergency contraceptive tablets like Plan B.

The CVS website, which sells Plan B One-Step and AFTERA, limits orders to three pills. CVS told The Wall Street Journal that it has sufficient of

the items and limited availability to "ensure equitable access". For its own products, Rite Aid limits pills to three.

Walmart sells Plan B One-Step and various cheaper options. According to the Wall Street Journal, medications accessible

before June have four or six online limitations. Other early July alternatives did not appear to be capped.

Other retailers may be struggling to meet the sudden demand for emergency contraceptives, even though they do not have requirements.

Kroger's product pages warn that Plan B and Take Action brand tablets are 'low stock', 'out of stock', or 'shipping only'. Amazon provides

several options, but many won't ship until mid-July. Morning after medications cannot be delivered at Walgreens, but they can be bought in shops and picked up.

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