Walmart Just Expanded This Unique Customer Perk

By the end of the year, Walmart's InHome delivery service will serve 30 million U.S. households, increasing convenience.

Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis, and Nashville are important markets for this deployment.

Walmart's InHome delivery service, launched in 2019 in certain cities, delivers groceries and other things directly to customers' homes, even

when they're away. Walmart employees use a one-time access code to unlock a "smart lock" coupled with the InHome app to enter residences. Next

All employees wear body cameras that film the whole delivery, which consumers can see live or a week later for security.

Walmart will hire over 3,000 associate delivery drivers this year and train them in-person and virtually to "build their skillset around using

innovative tools and technology to manage the delivery process." Walmart will also create 100% all-electric delivery vehicles to operate a zero-emissions

Last spring, the direct-to-fridge delivery service was viewed with suspicion owing to pandemic worries, but all delivery associates must

follow COVID-19 safety requirements. These include taking their temperature at the start of their shift, donning a mask throughout delivery

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