Walmart's Black Friday Deals Include These Top-Notch Food 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only a few days away, but the buying rush has begun. Walmart, Target, and Costco have been offering many online

Walmart has divided their 2022 Black Friday offers into three sections, with the third running from now until Nov. 27.

The best Walmart Black Friday deals listed below, including numerous high-quality grocery and kitchen goods. You can buy them on

How about winning Christmas this year? Add this massive Toblerone bar to your basket. It tastes like honey and almond nougat and weighs

nearly nine pounds, making it a poor stocking stuffer. At $99.98, the monster-sized treat is nearly $100 off.

This Starbucks set makes a great present for teachers, coworkers, and friends. The 16-ounce acrylic to-go mug

is red or gold and cheerful. A frigid winter day is great for the brand's peppermint hot chocolate. Buy now to save $5.98 per set.

Hosting a Christmas party? To keep drinks cold and guests pleased, use our AGLUCKY Ice Maker! Walmart is selling it for $84.99, down from $109.99. 

Crescent Foods' 12- to 15-pound frozen whole turkeys, enough to feed 10–12 people, for $30 off. 

Turkey prices are expected to soar this Christmas season owing to the Avian flu pandemic. You shouldn't miss this deal.

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