Wendy's Debuts New Chicken & Waffles

The mix of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, and satisfying makes chicken and waffles an American favorite. Wendy's is combining chicken with breakfast

The fast-food company will bundle its Classic Chicken Strips and Homestyle French Toast Sticks for a limited time. Only Canadian Wendy's will sell the new duo.

Wendy's discovered the new menu item after launching Homestyle French Toast Sticks all-day in October. A Wendy's news release said this "opened a world of possibilities

The chain noted that this new menu item was customer-driven. TikTok user @malakshagara5 coupled a Wendy's

chicken strip with a French toast stick a few weeks ago after an unintentional chicken strip was ordered. "This is so good," the user tweeted. "This is a winner."

Wendy's called the incident "syrupdipity" and reposted the TikTok on Instagram, stating, "Honestly, just mad we didn't think of this first." 

The chicken strip and french toast combo debuted at Wendy's Canada two weeks later.

In the press release, Wendy's chief marketing officer, international, Liz Geraghty said, "At Wendy's, we listen to our customers' cravings and

take inspiration from the two-way conversations we have with our fans on social media." "Pairing two of our most beloved menu items from

breakfast and rest of day, our fans inspired us to make the launch of Chicken Strips & French Toast Sticks official."

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