What Is a Grow-and-Stow Christmas Tree?

Decorating a Christmas tree is a winter project that brings together pros and amateurs. We don't always have time because it's so time-consuming. 

Grow-and-stow Christmas trees are easy to assemble and store. Let us explain if you're unfamiliar with this concept—traditional trees

Grow-and-stow The base and tapered top of Christmas trees often arrive dismantled. After clicking them together, the tree may look thin

and scraggly because the grow-and-stow magic hasn't happened yet. The plug is key. Plug the tree into an outlet and press the remote. 

The tree will grow in height and width in seconds, often with pre-draped twinkly lights. See the grow-and-stow Christmas tree in action

Plugging your tree into the wall keeps it fluffy and bright. To store it after the holidays, unplug it, carefully separate the top and bottom, and

put them back in the bag. Even better, it has a wheeled base so you can move it without painfully hugging the tree.

It may need some fluffing after being unpacked, but the branches will fall naturally. Run for it for the holidays—it sold out last year. Skip the

bother and rock around the Christmas tree. Having the setup done lets you focus on decorating. Go all out with store-bought or DIY

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