Your "Clean" Clothes May Be Covered In Bacteria

Finished washing is one of the finest feelings when marking things off the list. Crisp linens, fresh clothes in your closets and drawers, and a

warm, fluffy bath towel after showering can instantly improve your day. Brace yourself before showering and drying off with a fluffy, healthy towel.

Did you realize that your washing machine may contain living bacteria and that your towels and garments may be covered in germs? A study

published in Frontiers in Microbiology discovered that many natural laundry routines can severely impair sanitary quality, potentially

allowing bacteria to survive and grow. Listen up—this is disturbing and horrible. Read on to learn about washing machine bacteria, then see Trainer Says

According to study, "Household washing machines (WMs) launder soiled clothes and textiles, but do not sterilize them." Wait, what?! You

heard properly. This study examined the bacteria exchange in five Belgian families when washing a regular load of laundry with new

Following laundry loads, researchers detected skin-, clothes-, influent water-, and biofilm-related bacteria in washing machines. Some

bacteria were elevated in discharged water, however the cotton sample had few germs. Most germs from the cotton sample persisted in the

laundered cotton tees. Washing cotton t-shirts produced a variety of clothing and skin-related germs. Thus, "smelly" germs may spread throughout the wash load.

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