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2 Never-Normal Symptoms to Always Call Your Doctor For

2 Never-Normal Symptoms to Always Call Your Doctor For

Did you know that there are two never-normal symptoms that you should be aware of and call a doctor for when experiencing them? If you have one or both of the following symptoms listed below, be sure to contact your primary physician to schedule an appointment and discuss the problem.

You may need to meet with a urologist while undergoing a series of tests to rule out cancer, kidney disease, and other serious health conditions. Even if you don’t think it’s that big of a deal, it’s always best to get an opinion from a medical professional than to continue suffering from these uncomfortable symptoms.

Blood in the urine is never a good sign. It’s not to be confused with blood that women would experience during the menstrual cycle. When blood comes out with urine and there is no menstrual cycle, it’s often a sign of something more problematic, meaning it’s best to call a doctor immediately to discuss the situation. If you didn’t know, blood in urine may be a sign of one or more of the following conditions:

Blood in Urine

 Kidney Disease. Unfortunately, one of the first signs people tend to experience when suffering from kidney disease is blood in the urine. If you have kidney disease, it’s vital to find out immediately to seek treatment and get help before the condition worsens. When left untreated, kidney disease can cause the kidneys to shut down for good, ultimately leading to death. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

 Cancer. While it doesn’t always mean this, sometimes people will have blood in their urine because they have cancer. Even if you don’t have cancer, it’s best to speak with a doctor, undergo testing, and find out the result to have peace of mind. And, if you do have cancer, it’s far better to get an early diagnosis to start treatment before it can spread, get worse, and potentially lower your chance of living a longer, healthier life.

● Infection. Although an infection may not seem as severe as kidney disease or a form of cancer, it’s still serious enough to speak to a doctor and get professional help. If you have an infection, you may need to take antibiotics to treat it.

These are only three of the different conditions that an individual may have when experiencing blood in urine. However, there are other conditions that can cause this to occur, which is why it’s crucial to speak to a medical professional for help.

Urine Leakage

Urine leakage is another symptom people can experience, especially after surgery. And, while it can happen, it’s not normal. Because it’s not normal, it’s vital to speak with your doctor if you’re struggling to hold your urine or have noticed that it’s leaking from your body throughout the day. If you’re soaking a pad or must wear adult diapers because of the leakage, the symptom could be a sign of an underlying health condition or issue, such as:

● Bladder issues. There’s a possibility that you’re experiencing an issue with your bladder when you’re unable to hold your urine, even if you’ve recently used the bathroom. Damage to the bladder could lead to more trouble in the future, with constant leakage that causes you to want to stay home instead of living and enjoying your life. People often feel embarrassed about experiencing urinary incontinence. If you have concerns and want to make sure this isn’t permanent, you need to reach out to your doctor to discuss your situation.

 Muscle damage. In some situations, there’s some sort of damage to the muscles that would help you hold your urine until you could access a bathroom. If you believe this could be the issue, you need to talk to your doctor. The doctor will want to hear about the specific symptoms you’re experiencing and may need to run a few tests to get to the bottom of the situation. The goal is to help prevent urine leakage from happening again in the future.

When you can’t manage to hold your urine and it continues to leak out at random, unexpected moments, it’s not a good sign. Get help for this symptom instead of allowing the problem to get worse for you.

Seek Medical Help When Dealing with These Never-Normal Symptoms

Be sure to seek medical help when dealing with these two never-normal symptoms. Whether you have blood in the urine, urine leakage, or a combination of both, speaking with a medical professional is in your best interest. You need to find out what is causing you to experience these symptoms and get the proper treatment to get relief from the discomfort you’re dealing with each day. A medical professional will listen to your concerns and provide suggestions while running tests when it’s absolutely necessary for them to do so.

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