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The Normalcy of an Enlarged Prostate in Men

The Normalcy of an Enlarged Prostate in Men

Most men don’t realize that an enlarged prostate isn’t too uncommon. While it’s not nearly as common in young men, enlarged prostates are relatively normal for men that are at least 50 years old or over. Despite the normalcy of an enlarged prostate, it’s still something to be mindful of when dealing with it because it can lead to problems at a later point in life. 

In some instances, men will experience difficulty urinating as a direct result of the pressure caused by the enlarged prostate. If something like that does occur, it’s vital to speak with a medical professional for help, such as a urologist.

The Most Common Signs of an Enlarged Prostate

If you’re not sure whether you have an enlarged prostate or not, there are a few signs to be aware of and on the lookout for, such as:

  • Weak Flow of Urine. Men with an enlarged prostate are more likely to have a weaker flow of urine. Have you noticed that your urine stream doesn’t come out like it used to? If you’re producing much less urine, it could be a result of the enlarged prostate and is cause for concern.
  • Feeling Like You Still Need to Urinate. Do you feel like you still need to use the bathroom, even after you’ve recently gone? In some cases, men will feel like their bladder is still full despite urinating minutes before. It can quickly become a problem because no one wants to constantly live life with the urge to urinate every few minutes. If you’re experiencing this symptom, you should speak with a urologist as quickly as possible to go over possible treatment options.
  • Struggling to Urinate. An enlarged prostate can negatively impact a man so much that it prevents him from urinating nearly as often as he should. Not urinating is a major problem. If you’ve noticed that you’re unable to go to the bathroom or are only urinating a small amount each day despite staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, you need to seek immediate medical assistance. If you continue to deal with this problem, your overall health is at risk.
  • Leaking Urine. If you’ve started to notice that you’re leaking urine, it’s likely due to an enlarged prostate. You may feel uncomfortable about dealing with this problem because it can leave you feeling embarrassed. If you’re leaking urine, you may need to wear adult diapers to provide extra protection until you can see a specialist and receive help with the issue.

These are a few of the many signs men can experience when suffering from an enlarged prostate. If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, be sure to speak with a medical professional to receive immediate assistance. You don’t want to wait for the problem to get worse.

The Treatment Options Provided to Men with an Enlarged Prostate

Men with an enlarged prostate have some treatment options available to increase comfort and reduce symptoms and side effects of the condition. These are the following types of treatments often provided:

  • Medicine. Medical professionals may prescribe medication for men to take that can help shrink the size of the prostate so that it’s no longer so enlarged. When it’s not nearly as enlarged, it becomes less of a problem, and those uncomfortable symptoms often begin to subside. Sometimes, the medication prescribed helps provide better bladder control to prevent urine leakage.
  • Surgical Procedures. Both invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures may be performed on men dealing with an enlarged prostate and the side effects. The specific procedure performed will depend on various factors, including the size of the prostate and the specific conditions the man is experiencing. Most medical professionals will try to see if the medicine works before performing one of these surgical procedures. However, in some instances, it’s necessary.

Because treatment options are available, it’s vital for men to speak with medical professionals about their enlarged prostate. Some men tend to feel embarrassed or nervous about discussing this problem. 

However, there is nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about because an enlarged prostate is a common issue for millions of men around the world. With that in mind, it’s far better to speak up and get professional help than to continue to suffer in silence with the uncomfortable symptoms of the condition.

Understanding Enlarged Prostates in Men

Many men experience an enlarged prostate, especially those that are over 50. If you have an enlarged prostate, there is a possibility that you’re experiencing several uncomfortable side effects, such as trouble urinating or constantly feeling the urge to use the bathroom despite already going to the bathroom multiple times. If you’re dealing with any uncomfortable side effects, talk to a urologist and get professional help. There are different types of treatment options available, including medications that can provide the relief you need.

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