Our Services

We provide the most advanced options for all urinary disorders and males reproductive tract conditions.

The Vasectomy Clinic

Did you know that 500,000 men elect for a vasectomy every year in the U.S.? Vasectomies are so common, in fact, that they are often depicted in popular culture. One well-known episode, of “The Office,” titled “Snip Snap” even dedicated an entire scene to a vasectomy. More recently, “The Big Bang Theory,” depicted a character preparing and recovering from a vasectomy. What, is the real story when it comes to modern-day vasectomies? Are they something to wince, welcome, or embrace? The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana is here to help answer all your questions regarding this personal procedure, so you can make the right decision for you.

Infertility Services

Urology Associates of South Bend providers offer access to the latest treatments, medications, and therapies addressing infertility on site or via partnerships with regionally recognized infertility specialists. Our services focus on the diagnosis and treatment of infertility to provide the best outcomes. While complex treatment may be needed by some couples, many achieve success with very simple treatment.

Our board-certified physicians and staff provide compassionate and comprehensive fertility care for  men either on-site or via referral, including:

  • Evaluation & testing
  • Semen testing
  • Treatment of complex reproductive, hormonal, and developmental disorders

If necessary, our providers will refer you to other local and regional practitioners if advanced care is needed.

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery

Urology Associates of South Bend’s Surgeons are trained in groundbreaking and advanced technologies for the optimal care of our patients. In many cases, our providers perform procedures and surgeries in our offices, at surgical centers or at local hospitals, by using minimally invasive techniques. These techniques involve smaller incisions than open surgery and sometimes no incision at all. Some procedures use laparoscopic or robotic technology in order to achieve even greater degrees of precision for delicate procedures.  The results often offer significant advantages including:

  • faster recovery
  • reduced scarring and injury to tissues
  • less discomfort
  • fewer complications (fewer infections, less blood loss, etc.)
  • outpatient procedures or shorter hospital stays
  • potential quicker return to work

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a condition that requires a procedure or surgery, our surgeons will help determine if a minimally invasive procedure is right for you. We are committed to informing you of all of your surgery options and helping you understand the benefits and risks of each.

Please inquire about the availability of minimally invasive services by calling our practices directly.

Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation / Incontinence / Treatment

Many women and men experience symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (between the pubic bone and the tailbone) and yet do not know specialized treatment is available. The Pelvic Floor supports the abdominal and pelvic organs, controlling bladder, bowel and sexual activity. Pelvic dysfunctions are not just a women’s disorder – men and children experience it, too.

Common pelvic floor conditions refer to a wide range of problems caused by variations in muscle strength and tension, joint impairments, sensitivity or irritation resulting in pelvic pain or dysfunction. The condition may be due to pregnancy (prenatal and postnatal) or childbirth, infections, trauma or other circumstances. Common symptoms include pelvic pain & dysfunction, sciatica (nerve pain from hips down through the legs), incontinence/leaking (urinary & fecal), pubic bone pain, back pain, painful intercourse.

UASB providers in conjunction with Allied Physical Therapy are local experts in pelvic care, often performing the following tests & treatments:

  • Testing (cystoscopy, urodynamic testing, electrodiagnostic testing, etc.)
  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Therapy (e.g. myofascial therapy, pelvic muscle training, relaxation techniques, etc.)
  • Biofeedback, electrical stimulation, and Posterior-Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS)
  • BOTOX Therapy

Pelvic muscle disorders include problems with bladder and bowel control, such as incontinence, as well as a loss of support of the vagina, bladder and/or rectum which may cause an uncomfortable vaginal bulge (prolapse) as well as difficulty with urination or bowel function. Treatments include a wide range of office-based procedures, medications, vaginal pessaries, and many minimally invasive surgeries.

Our Physicians have a special interest in complex pelvic reconstructive surgery and have many years of experience taking care of women and men with pelvic muscle disorders.