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There are several issues that lead to male infertility. According to recent statistics, 10% to 15% percent of men have a complete lack of sperm. One common cause of lack of sperm (or low sperm count) can be a result of a hormone imbalance, while another, is varicocele in which an enlarged vein affects the testicle(s.) At Urology Associates of South Bend, we provide a range of infertility services and treatments to address a number of issues. It’s our priority to ensure that whatever you come to us with, that you feel your urologic and/or infertility concerns are addressed respectfully and efficiently in a safe and comfortable environment you can trust.

What Causes No to Low Sperm Count?

Infertility ServicesIn addition to hormonal imbalance and varicocele, no (or low) sperm count can also be caused by a number of medical, environmental, health, and lifestyle conditions, including (but not limited to:)

  • Hereditary (chromosomal) factors and/or sperm disorders that have been present since birth
  • Certain long-term illnesses
  • Smoking (nicotine and marijuana)
  • Prolonged exposure to certain temperatures (frequent use of a hot tub)
  • Injury and/or infection
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Particular medications
  • Stress and emotional issues

Again, this is an abbreviated list of circumstances that may contribute to male infertility. An examination with one of our experienced and skilled providers can help illuminate the possible reasons for low sperm count and other male infertility causes.

UASB Infertility Services at a Glance

Although sperm count is a common reason for infertility, as previously mentioned, there can be other physiological variables to consider. Our diagnosis and treatment of male infertility at Urology Associates of South Bend involves exploring every potential cause and condition to enable best outcomes. If there is a treatment protocol that we don’t perform onsite, we will proactively provide any necessary referrals.

Examples of infertility services include:

  • Evaluation and testing
  • Semen testing
  • Treatment of complex reproductive, hormonal and developmental disorders

How is Male Infertility Treated?

Thankfully, there are several means of treating male infertility, including:

  • Non-surgical options – Such as prescribing certain medications or supplements, hormonal replacement therapy and other non- or less-invasive treatment modalities
  • Surgical options – Varicocelectomy and microsurgical vasovasostomy are a few examples of surgeries to treat male infertility
  • Additional options – Sometimes evaluation and testing may not yield a definitive diagnosis for the cause of male infertility, in which case, options such as assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs,) Intrauterine Insemination (IUI,) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) may be recommended

If you are concerned that you may have issues with male infertility, we’d love to help you set up an appointment with us. Call us now at 574-234-4100 to schedule a visit, or ask any questions you might have.

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